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Roundup of Xbox 360 E3 Event – a huge ecosystem to come by Microsoft

Today Microsoft hosted a 90 minute event at this year´s E3. They talked about several things to come to our Xbox and even to our smart devices. First I want to show off a list of all games that were presented by Microsoft and their partners: •    Halo 4 •    Forza Horizon •    NHL Gamecenter Live •    NBA GameTime […]

Microsoft is making Bing very social – also for Windows Phone and mobile web

Microsoft  today announced some very cool new features to Bing. They have  redesigned Bing and will introduce a three column design where all of the new features will work. Here is what we will get over the next days/weeks (Bing is still in final test stadium): Core Web Results: Relevant, comprehensive and trustworthy.Microsoft will not […]

Changes to Windows Live and other Microsoft services

Yesterday Steven Sinofsky blogged about the changes Microsoft is doing on the Windows Live brand name. Windows Live was launched as brand back in 2005 as “a set of personal Internet services and software designed to bring together in one place all of the relationships, information and interests people care about most, with more safety […]

Windows 8 Release Preview will be released in first week of June – W8CP used twice as much as Windows 7 beta

We all are excited about the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Microsoft gave us a really fast and stable OS preview at the end of February. Announce…Windows 8 Release Preview first week of June.Here’s the announce from Japan’s Windows 8 Dev Days #thankyou… — Building Windows 8 (@BuildWindows8) April 24, 2012 Only a few minutes […]

Microsoft improves SkyDrive

Microsoft is giving Windows Live/Microsoft account users free cloud storage. Today Microsoft released the SkyDrive for Windows app alongside some changes of SkyDrive. First: Finally there is an official SkyDrive app for Windows desktop. You can download it here. The app lets you manage your SkyDrive from your PC. After installing the app, the whole content […]

Why Microsoft should not sell Bing to anyone

In the last few days several sites are telling us Microsoft eventually will be selling Bing to Facebook. One week ago there was an article on Neowin; today Business Insider published another one. Microsoft already works close together with Facebook. So why should they sell Bing to Facebook for a higher stock amount? Microsoft loses […]

Skype is also coming to Xbox!

Microsoft runs a strategy: “three screens, one experience”. One of those screens is of course Xbox. Last year, Microsoft bought Skype. Naturally, we expect Microsoft to release Skype on all platforms. Recently we learnt that Skype is coming to the Web and also Windows 8. Today we received news that they also will port Skype […]

Microsoft releases a small update to SkyDrive

The SkyDrive Team at Microsoft announced a small update. They announced it not like usual as a blog post, but as a SkyDrive document this time. Microsoft´s online storage now supports the Open Document Format (ODF). This format is an XML-based file format for spreadsheets, chart, presentations and word processing documents (from Wikipedia). Until yesterday, […]