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(Rumor) Microsoft Surface coming to Europe?

Today Hellshock (follow him!),  one of my Italian tweeps made an awesome discovery. The Italian Microsoft site has a link to Surface within the “Products” section. Of course I checked that for Germany as well, and in fact it is there, too: Well, I know that this means nothing at the moment, but it is a […]

My 2 cents to Microsoft’s “Metro” disaster

It has been very long that I blog from mobile now. But in the last hours there is something going on that really gets me annoyed. Due to a similar naming with the big German concern “Metro AG”, Microsoft is avoiding to name the new UI of all operating systems and services “Metro UI”. Why […]

Windows 8 and Family Safety

Today my 10 year old son asked me when I will let him play around Windows 8. So I decided to set up an account for him. (This post will be a how-to mixed with my personal opinion.) First, I created an account for my son by going to control panel in the WinRT part […]

Roundup of Xbox 360 E3 Event – a huge ecosystem to come by Microsoft

Today Microsoft hosted a 90 minute event at this year´s E3. They talked about several things to come to our Xbox and even to our smart devices. First I want to show off a list of all games that were presented by Microsoft and their partners: •    Halo 4 •    Forza Horizon •    NHL Gamecenter Live •    NBA GameTime […]

Changes to Windows Live and other Microsoft services

Yesterday Steven Sinofsky blogged about the changes Microsoft is doing on the Windows Live brand name. Windows Live was launched as brand back in 2005 as “a set of personal Internet services and software designed to bring together in one place all of the relationships, information and interests people care about most, with more safety […]