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Skype is also coming to Xbox!

Microsoft runs a strategy: “three screens, one experience”. One of those screens is of course Xbox. Last year, Microsoft bought Skype. Naturally, we expect Microsoft to release Skype on all platforms. Recently we learnt that Skype is coming to the Web and also Windows 8. Today we received news that they also will port Skype […]

New rumors about the next Xbox generation

Today some new rumors have been leaked how the next could be equipped. The gamer news site VG24/7 has learned from their sources that the Xbox 720 has been confirmed for a Christmas 2013 release. The site reports further that the next Xbox will have a Blue-ray drive. Xbox 720 graphics will be powered by two […]

Help Microsoft to improve voice control on your Xbox


Yesterday Microsoft released another Xbox app. It seems this app has been launched worldwide. The app is named “Voice Studio”, and its goal is to improve the voice recognition and control of our Xbox. Microsoft is rewarding you Nice: Microsoft is rewarding you for your help with some Game Points. Check the achievements below: A […]

Happy Birthday, Xbox!

Today Microsoft´s gaming console, the Xbox, turns 10 in Europe! To celebrate this anniversary, Microsoft launched an interactive timeline on their British Internet page. After you added your birthday (works also without being logged in), you can take a virtual tour through Xbox´s history: As you can see above, there are several statistics at the […]

The force is with Microsoft at CeBIT 2012

As I wrote in an earlier post today, Microsoft demoed some Kinect games on CeBIT. Also Darth Vader was there with some storm troopers to support the demo of the game “Kinect Star Wars”. The Force is with Microsoft! My colleague is a huge Xbox fan, and loves especially the Kinect games. He could not […]

XBOX will be your media central and you or your Windows Phone the controller!

Awesome News today from Microsoft. Microsoft managed to collaborate with about 40 TV-Partners worldwide to bring Live TV on your Xbox. All major Countries are listed, so the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France… For a full list check out   To give you a shot about what we will get soon to our Xbox, […]

E3 Roundup IV: My favorite Games

Hi everybody, now I want to take a closer look to the Games announced at E3 which rely most to me/my family. Let´s start with Forza Motorsport 4: First let´s spot the official E3 Trailer: Top features include the following: Platform-defining graphics. “Forza Motorsport 4” sets a new graphical standard for the racing genre. Featuring […]