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My experiences with Xamarin.Forms

As I have finished my first iOS app with Xamarin.Forms, I want to share my experience that I made during writing it. It sounds great. Build the code once, run it on Android, iOS and Windows Phone (8). Xamarin is using the well known PCL to achieve this goal, or a shared asset project. As […]

Xamarin: Resources of an Android app project

As I mentioned already in my first blog post about Xamarin, Android has a different project structure – even if you use Xamarin. A very important part of this structure are resources. We have different kind of resources in an Android app: Icons & Images Layout (XML files) Values (string resource files) Let’s start with […]

Xamarin: how to set up an Android device for Debugging

Xamarin comes with some emulators for development of an Android app. While these emulators are working and are also available in all supported screen sizes, the performance of them is really bad. That’s why I chose debugging via device, which is a lot faster than the emulators once you have the required Xamarin extensions installed. […]