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Book review: Learning Windows Azure Mobile Services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 (Geoff Webber-Cross)

During the last months, I used the few times of my spare time when I wasn’t in the mood for programming to read Geoff’s latest book for diving deeper into Azure Mobile Services. Geoff is well known in the community for his Azure experience, and I absolutely recommend to follow him! I am really glad […]

Getting productive with WAMS: How to handle erroneous push channels

As I wrote already in my former article ‘Getting productive with WAMS- about the mpns object (push data to the user’s Windows Phone)’, I needed to add some more detailed error handling to the mpns object on my Mobile Service. There are two error codes that appear frequently: 404 (Not Found) and 412 (Precondition Failed). […]

Getting productive with WAMS: about the mpns object (push data to the user’s Windows Phone)

When it comes to Mobile Services, there are a lot of things you can do with the user’s data. One of them is to update the Live Tiles of their apps as well as send them Toast Notifications. To understand how the mpns (Microsoft Push Notification Service) is working, please see the image below and […]

Getting productive with WAMS: how to set up a timeout before running code in an interval

I truly love Windows Azure Mobile Services, as it provides an easy way to connect Windows Phone apps to the cloud and also manages Live Tiles and Toast Notifications via Push. This way, we don’t have an impact on the users battery life by running background agents. However, scheduled scripts are only able to run […]